My Work With Leaders In Real Estate

Association Executives

If you are reading this, chances are you are an Association Executive. Or, perhaps, you are an incoming leader looking to work better with your AE.

In my estimation, Association Executives have one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs I know. Along with managing a staff and keeping the association fiscally sound, just to name a few of their responsibilities, they have a revolving door of volunteer leaders. Having new leaders come in each year with new agendas and ideas can be a blessing…….or a curse!

One of the most prevalent ways I work with AE’s is onboarding new leadership.

This is a critical piece of the AE pie and changes yearly, as new leaders rotate in. I can’t tell you how often I have heard “I just need to get through this year”, coming from AE’s, and sometimes leaders. To me, this is not a healthy way to be, whether it is within the role of the AE, or the volunteer. There are countless methods that I use in working with AE’s to have their years flow more easily and be more productive.

There are many parts to the role of Association Executive. Here are some of the items where I have assisted AE’s:

  • Using the DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment
  • Assisting the incoming leader with developing their initiatives
  • Working with the AE and leader in vetting their initiatives
  • Creating forms to enhance efficiency and clarity for upcoming events
  • Creating evaluations to use for the NAR mandated requirement
  • Creating guidelines and written information for incoming leaders
  • Leadership training
  • Working directly with leadership teams

Leadership Teams

Often in coaching the Association Executives, it is determined it would be beneficial to coach the volunteer leadership team directly. This is not something that happens with each association that I coach – it totally depends on the individuals. Some of the reasons an AE might decide to add the leadership to the coaching experience might be to help them balance their time in leadership with their business and personal lives. This can be challenging for some. Also, there are times when I assist with speech writing, keeping them on track with tasks that need to be performed around Association events, and sometimes it is enhancing leadership skills.

Leadership Academies

Many associations bring me in to facilitate their Leadership Academies. These academies are very beneficial for the participants and also can prepare individuals for possible leadership roles within their association. Typically I facilitate a full day with them using the DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment, which I have found to be an invaluable tool. For follow ups, I often do a second module with my program, “Seven Practices of Everyday Leadership”. Follow up Zoom calls are done as well, all with the intention of honing their leadership skills.

Association Staff

There are times when working with the association staff proves to be extremely beneficial. Again, this is individualized to meet the needs of the association. There are times when the DiSC Workplace Assessment is used with staff members, helping them to identify their style and how that compares with their co-workers. This assessment also has a full day facilitation available.

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